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FM sensor(Multi-pair thermocouple)

About FM sensor


FM sensor is the new type of thermocouple with double sheath multi-pair structure which developed for the purpose of improvement in reliability, permanence and easy construction. FM sensor has sharp responsibility, fastness property and reliability which are the trait of the Mineral Insulated thermocouple.
The stricture consists of two or more sheath style temperature detectors and a mantle sheath pipe. Each of them was maintained by the high purity magnesia which keeps no contact between them. We can change a temperature detector dubiety into arbitrary sizes. A temperature variation of the length direction can measure same time. As the temperature sensor has been independent, even if tip divisions are damaged, we can take out a signal as long as the back temperature sensor is valid. It is possible to use same as Mineral Insulated Thermocouple and easy to bending.
We are convinced that everyone in all type of industry will be satisfied b y using this sensor. Because of the rational instrumentation system which matched saving resources and an energy-saving era is established.



Inner sheath thermocouple is fixed at regular intervals by high purity MgO insulator without any air gap based on many-to- sheath, which becomes very uniform geometrical cross-section .


FM sensor is equipped with all the features of a conventional sheath -type thermocouple.
The Points particular ly improved through the usage of this sensor ,

◎ Long-life Atmosphere is highly resistant : double sheath structure
◎ Sharp responsibility Fast response:
the internal thermocouple sheath is very fine tube and no air gap with mantle sheath tube
◎ High reliability Less affected by each inner sheath thermocouples:
No thermal contact with each inner sheath thermocouples because the relative positional relationship between the points in the longitudinal direction of the temperature measuring is accurate.
◎ Easy installation Easy handling:
The thermocouple is integrated by multiple thermocouples number and it is possible to reduce the buried hole . Therefore, it is enable to lead to improve workability.
Easy to bend:
Sheath tube mantle is fully baked and enable to bend into desire shape. There is no displacement of the temperature measuring position.


Refractory residual thickness measurement of blast Furnace, converter and melting furnace.
Distribution t temperature measurement in the furnace of hot-air oven and atmosphere furnace.
Other- Power plant, Petrochemical plant


@ sensor body
Out diameter(φd)
Number of RTD
2 〜8 pieces
Setting accuracy of the temperature measurement
Less than 1.0% ± of the total length of the sensor
Minimum bending radius
The average axial
Thermal conductivity
Number of RTD 6 pieces at 1000 ℃
The standard of d=φ 8.0 , Number of RTD 6 pieces
Contact temperature measuring position is free design .

A Metal internal mineral insulated thermocouple
Sheath out diameter
Sheath material
Hot junction
Ground, Ungrounded
JISC-1602-1981 0.75 class

B Flexible tube
S piral pipe type and seamless type . ( PVC , heatproof PVC and silicon rubber)

C Compensating lead wire
Core wire
Covering material
Glass outer copper shielded
PVC inner copper shielded

D Accessories
Flange , compression fitting and so on

E Inspection
1, Intermediate survey (Carried out on the inner metal sheathed thermocouple)
Visual inspection, Insulation resistance test, Continuity check test,X -ray inspection unit contact temperature measurement,Thermoelectric power test(500℃,800℃)

2, Completion inspection(Inspection on the sensor body)
Visual inspection , Dimensional inspection , X -ray confirmed the position of the contact temperature measurement , Insulation resistance test , Withstand voltage test , Electrical resistance test , Polarity test

F Certificate of analysis
We strictly carry out the inspection submission , clearly documented the actual value of the temperature measuring position in particular .


※ To order, check the specifications above and below.
Outer diameter of the sensor body   Length   Number of RTD   Model of thermal contact  
Contact temperature measuring position The shape and length of lead wire   Accessories  
Operating temperature   Specifications atmosphere

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