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Technical Data (Japanese only)

◆ About Temperature sensor
Temperature sensor Type of Temperature sensor
◆ About Thermocouple
Thermocouple 1 Various thermocouples / How to connect with meter
Thermocouple 2 About the type of thermocouple conductors and distinctions
Thermocouple standard

Tolerance / regular use temperature and limit temperature of overheating. (JIS Standard excerpt)

Mineral Insulated thermocouple standard Tolerance / regular use temperature (JIS Standard excerpt)
User's Manual How to use the thermocouple
◆ About Resistance thermometer sensor
Resistance thermometer sensor 1 Type and structure of resistance thermometer sensor
Standard 1

Classification by operating temperature range / Tolerance (JIS Standard excerpt)

Standard 2

RTD reference resistance value table (JIS Standard excerpt)

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